Aspiring Food Bloggers of Jaipur (Pink City)

Jaipur – “The very first planned city of India and the gateway to India’s very own flamboyant state” is famous for its rich culture, forts, ancient history, and heritage. Also, the food of the pink city is hot and as imperial as Jaipur itself.

There is so much diversity that you can’t stop craving. Regardless of whether you love zesty food or are a sweet person, Pink City has an assortment of tempting dishes in its arsenal for you and the creative foodie artist of social media are continuously bringing the dark horses of street foods in the limelight with the help of their creative and viral social handles.

The Most Aspiring Food Bloggers of Jaipur - pinkcityfoodbook


Let’s be honest, we’re people. Also, we love tasty food and meal preparations. So however the immersed pattern of sharing one’s daily food clicks has faded away a piece since its blast, our compelling desires for remarkable tasty dishes will never become dated.


Food influencers or bloggers have been whetting the hunger of their fans and social followers since the beginning of the social media era.

So, let’s talk about these creative foodie artists who are painting your social media walls with tempting dishes.

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Prakhar Srivastava
Founder – @library_of_food


The Most Aspiring Food Bloggers of Jaipur – Recent Talks of The Town

(Data Updated on 22 May 2020)

1. Poorvi Jain and Saloni Jain

Instagram Handle – @pinkcityfoodbook – 19.2K Followers
Zomato Handle – @pinkcityfoodbook-36593461 – 3662 Followers

Known for their irresistible cuteness and adorable charm, these foodie girls of the Pink City has taken the food blogging to a whole new level, and with their dedication & hard work both have achieved a great fanbase of 19.2k in just two years, now they are focusing to expand their blogging regions as they have already started to cover the streets of Mumbai.


Poorvi and Saloni not only offer a unique Instagram experience for the food lovers but also the way they showcase the ambiance is just beyond perfection.

Delivering Happiness Through Food ❤

Notable CollaborationsSwiggy, Dominos, Nearbuy, Dineout, and Chumbakk – Cafe


2. Rahul Bhatt

Instagram Handle – @gangstersoffood_ – 18.6K Followers
TikTok – gangstersoffood_
YouTube Handle – Techno Club
Zomato Level – 10

Rahul Bhatt has many identities over the digital platforms, he is a fascinating food blogger, technical YouTuber, TikTok star, and dazzling digital creator. He is in the same profession for the past 2 years and has worked really hard to achieve big feet in the various niche of the digital spectrum.



Rahul started his journey with his YouTube channel and today he enjoys massive 20M views. Kudos to his hard work and creative food photography skills, we Jaipurites are so pleased to see such beautiful and fascinating FoodGram pictures, this foodie artist has achieved a level 10 profile on the very famous food blogging platform Zomato and enjoys a great fanbase of 18.6k followers on Instagram.


When we asked about his secret indigents of success he replied in a really sensible and professional way with a short answer.
“Hard work pay’s off, so, be strong and be positive”

Notable Collaborations – Zomato, Tea Connect, NearBuy and Many More


3. Satyam Bhargava

Instagram Handle – @thefoodiebaba – 15.2K Followers
Zomato Handle – @thatdslrguy_ – Level 13

Satyam is undoubtedly one of the best food bloggers of Jaipur, he started his Instagram page in September 2018 and now enjoys a massive following of 15.2k followers and he is all set to celebrate his 3rd anniversary of the tempting success in the upcoming months.


He just loves to visit restaurants, cafes, and hotels with friends and proudly flaunts the delicious foods on his eye-catching Instagram wall.


As per our recent interaction with Satyam, he unveiled the challenges of being a food blogger in a really relatable and humorous way and as per his experience if you want to be a great food blogger then be ready to face a lot of sarcasm and taunts from your parents for refusing home-cooked food and once you will get habitual of this, you will haunt streets for the great food in a similar way as you search for the hookups on tinder.

Notable Collaborations – Swiggy, JW Marriott, Lays India, Ustraa, Club Roadies, Dunzo, Westin Pushkar, and Dominos


4. Kushagra Tanwar

Instagram Handle – @bhookhe_velle

Also known as the man with many talents within his food community, Kushagra is a Japanese translator by a profession, foodie by birth, volunteer in Robin Hood Army by purpose, and an aspiring CMA. He has a really passionate entrepreneurial mindset and aspires to be one of the best food entrepreneurs in the town.



Kushagra has very solid plans in his mind about opening his own takeaway food joint and a bakery in the near future, with a loyal Instagram fam of around 10.7K he is growing with a really fast pace and with his positive attitude, it is for sure that he will surely climb the ladders of success.

With a recent interview with Marketing Rise, Kushagra revealed that food blogging is the only profession, which offers him peace and satisfaction, he thanked his Instagram family and gave a really inspiring message.

Here are his words

“Where I’m standing today is possible just because of the support I got from my Instagram family. You all make this work; you all make this happen. Sincerely, from the bottom of our heart, thank you so much for all your love. I promise to keep you guys updated in the utmost way I can 😬”

Love You All 3000❤️

Notable Collaborations – Nearbuy, Dineout, ShareChat, and The Stupid Wisers


5. Shreyash And Lakshya Mathur

Instagram Handle – @the_food_empire_

They both started their amazing Instagram page in 2018 and now enjoys a great fan following of more than 9k followers, these guys just love to eat and we are really impressed the way they represent their fascinating photography skills on their creative handles.


From Dhabas to cafes to 5-star properties, they have visited it all and always look forward to growing their Instagram fam.


Notable Collaborations– Swiggy, Dominos, Zomato, Dunzo, Etc


6. Prakhar Srivastava

Instagram Handle – @library_of_food
Zomato Level – 12
YouTube Channel – Travellers Zest

Known for his amazing photography skills Prakhar is a born entrepreneur, published poet, and proud Robinhood Army volunteer, he has a keen interest in photography, journalism, and digital marketing.

Prakhar also holds the INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS 2019 for creating the BIGGEST TRICOLOR THAAL for INDIA, on 15th August!



Prakhar’s curiosity towards life has led him towards an amazing journey of travel, food, and photography and he is so keen to share these amazing experiences with the world.

His handle is filled with the best in town street foods and he is one of the rare bloggers who tries his best to promote the real taste of Jaipur.

Prakhar is famous for his positive vibes, crazy ideas and his let’s do attitude. He plans to create an astonishing platform for influencers to make this industry more organized and transparent.

He has a quite amazing motive behind his page as well, let’s read that in Prakhar’s own words



“My page is personally run and has a different pattern, one post is what I want to share with those who follow me, the second is all about the food and the third is my personal review and for those interested in the location of the reviewed food.”



“I dabble in writing sometimes and that might be evident on my page, I don’t do this because I think of myself as an actual influencer rather I do it because I love it, it alleviates me and because it gives me a chance to discover so much and meet so many new people.”

Notable CollaborationsNearbuy, ShareChat, Mansingh hotels, Radisson blu, Four Points by Sheraton, etc.


7. Yogesh Singh

Instagram Handle – @bhukkkadbawa

Yogesh is an aspiring foodie artist who hails from a colony situated right in the heart of the Pink City. He is really great with his food clicking skills and never fail to amaze his followers with great clicks.



He enjoys a good following of 8k and growing at a really great rate. Yogesh has developed a keen interest in photography as well and he plans to make his page as delicious as the cherry on the cake.



As per our recent interaction over Instagram, Yogesh revealed the secret indigents of his success, as per his experience if someone wants to make it great then he must have patients and a positive attitude towards the upcoming success.

He has attended various Bloggers meet and his most notable experience remains the meet happened in Tea Connect.

A Special Mention – From The Streets of Raipur – Aakriti Agrawal

Instagram Handle – @foodie.raipurian – 18.3K Followers

A post-graduate in IT management by education and an amazing fashion designer by profession, this Raipur based girl is surely redefining the level of creativity to the next level. She defined herself as a big foodie but at the same time she never failed to amaze her followers with her fitness skills, we can surely define her as a passionate fitness lover or dance professional who has an amazing sense of creative art in the food blogging.



Aakriti always fascinated about doing something great for herself and her experience as a content writer has helped her to establish herself as a really prominent, she is currently looking forward to her entrepreneur goals and with all of our hearts, we wish her all the success in the world.

Aakriti got emotional while we discussed, how she managed tough times when she was body-shamed and her account got deleted due to some other reason


Let’s read it in her words, without editing a single word

“I am what I am all because of the constant love and support. I gained all my lost confidence from u all. I draw my motivation n inspiration from all of u. Bad times have always made me realize the constant support u guys render. I especially will never forget the love n support u guys gave me when my account was deleted and how u guys were literally crying for it. And also the time when I was body-shamed and abused.”

“Thank You so much for everything.”

Notable CollaborationsPuma, Dominos, 4700 BCpopcorn, Pee Safe, MyGlamm, True Elements, Meal of the Moment, Sayaji Group of Hotels

Best Ways to Work with Food Influencers/Bloggers

Working with influencers has been appeared to convey an ROI multiple times higher than conventional marketing and advertising and for cafes and restaurants, it can work like wonders.



Regardless of whether your business is a local cafe, fast-food chain, luxury hotel, or a Dhaba, here are the top 8 ways to work with influencers.

  1. Brand Ambassador Roles

  2. Influencer Collaboration Post

  3. Influencer Interview Series

  4. Bloggers Meet At Your Establishment

  5. Creative Content Creation

  6. Contest Sponsorships

  7. Publish Blogs on Their Portal

  8. Organize A Local Award Show

  9. Host A Tasting Event

How To Ensure The Best Possible Results While Working With Influencers.

  1. Offer Creative Freedom

  2. Keep Your Expectations Clear

  3. Always Use Tracking Software

  4. Ask For Insights

  5. Offer Exclusive Offers

The Fake Phenomena of Followers

Instagram – the photo and video sharing platform has more than 700 m active users and they are growing each and every day and that much amount of engagement has made Instagram a favorite for every brand and influencer.



The same amount of as your brand, cafe, or restaurant is searching for an influencer, an influencer is needing the same number of brands to grow and make the desired amount of money & fame and followers are the major criteria to crack any deal with any kind of brand. So, some of the Instagrammers opt for bot followers or buy server-based followers which are of no use to anyone.

Best Tools to Spot Fake Followers

  • Fake Follower & Audience Credibility Checker by Influencer Marketing Hub

  • Social Analytics Tracker by Social Blade

  • Instagram Engagement Calculator by Mightyscout

  • Instagram Influencer Analyser by Modash

  • Fake Followers Check by Socialbakers

We hope that you liked the information shared by us and it will be helpful in your future projects.

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