The Role of Resource Planning Tool in Digital Marketing Companies

Resources are that expensive component of any business without which you can’t operate. Though it may be tempting to save every penny and cut on resource investments until the company makes significant returns, that could be very harmful to growth.

Just like any other business, resource management, and planning are crucial for digital marketing companies for their success.

How does the Resource Planning Tool Help?

The main factor of running a successful digital marketing company is utilizing apt tools and software for managing as many areas of your business as possible, which further, enables you to focus on the requirements of each of your customers.

Having a good resource planning tool can help in managing areas like operations, resourcing, reporting, and CRM and will free you and your team so that you can concentrate on other important tasks.

ERP applications or resource planning tools strikeout operational inefficiencies and increase the turn-around time of any planning task along with maintaining quality and saving costs. Imagine if you get a tool to manage your accounts, finances, inventories, resources, and plan everything so well that you can show productivity and save costs.

That’s not all! You can also manage the customers, vendors, and various partners seamlessly through a single collaborative platform.

How is a Digital Marketing Strategy related to ERP Software?

A digital marketing company might be creating very solid strategies but if the results aren’t that fruitful, then there’s something amiss. A resource planning tool can enhance your marketing results and efforts to a large extent by spotting the challenges and loopholes so that you can find resolutions to the problems.

You also have specific data at hand with a resource planning tool, and therefore, it’s easier to increase the efficiency of your marketing strategies by reaching out to the target audience.

Here are some key roles of a good resource planning tool in a digital marketing agency.

  • Low Infrastructure Cost

With cloud ERP deployment, most organizations opt for the SaaS framework. This way they just pay a monthly/annual subscription rather than heavily investing in huge IT infrastructure and hardware. Thus, businesses end up saving money and can do with less investment.

  • Resource Planning

How can you manage your projects better or bring in more clients and new projects if you don’t know the capacity of your resources? As a digital marketing agency, you must have visibility into projects and the associated billable hours.

Besides that, having an understanding of employee utilization at the individual level, and team and department level is very important. It’s important for project managers to know if they have been over-servicing and there are non-billable hours being spent on client projects or non-billable hours being spent into pre-sales activities.

A resource planning software can offer you a clear view of resource availability and utilization, thus helping you in managing workload better and making the right recruitment decisions.

  • Enhanced Reach

It is vital that organizations are available for their customers. With ERP, there is freedom of movement, as employees are able to access data and connect with customers, vendors, and suppliers, from anywhere and anytime.

Though many companies want an on-premise ERP system, cloud-based tools offer cost-effectiveness, scalability, and also protect against cybersecurity.

  • Productivity

Implementing a resource planning tool can help in enhancing the productivity of an organization’s marketing strategy and its overall business. Be it helping in efficient completion of the marketing activities, ERPs help in automating the entire workflow process while also managing backend processes like improved system performance, supply chain management, finance, and project management.

  • Project Management

Every agency has to manage multiple client projects where a good resource management or planning tool can significantly enhance your employees’ ability to close tasks quickly. Features like to-do lists, file sharing, the message boards for getting or giving updates on projects, scheduling can help manage the work in a faster and efficient manner.

  • Better Integration Capabilities

Most resource planning tools have the functionality to be integrated with other tools and applications. This helps in better business operations and creating a base for thriving technology.

For instance, an ERP can be easily integrated with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to improvise business processes and create greater sustainability. Such integration can also be done with social media platforms, other technologies, and analytics tools and help in simplifying complex business operations.

eResource Scheduler – One of the Top-Rated Resource Planning Software Available

eResource Scheduler (eRS) is an intuitive and well-rounded project resource management and scheduling tool that links project planning and execution stages. If you are an organization that does a lot of project planning and management, workforce scheduling, and other analytical jobs in a single operating environment, then this tool is the best bet for you.

eRS is a multi-user resource planning, scheduling, and management tool that can ease your life in terms of project management, resource planning and management, and team collaboration. What’s more? Its client-server architecture lets multiple users collaborate and share data in real-time throughout multiple cities or geographies.

This tool can be easily configured to schedule employees and even some custom-defined resources such as meeting rooms, vehicles, etc. It assists in maximizing utilization at all levels of the organization by providing detailed dashboards and other amazing tracking features.

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