The guilt of sex before marriage to a woman

Years have passed debating whether premarital sex is moral or not. A woman’s virginity is considered a sign of purity that needs to be maintained until marriage (In some countries). However, all these are just perceptions of people and society.

Every country, state, or region has a different history which is followed till now. People believe that the ancestors were right and we must have to follow the rules which were created by them. Though for each case the rules created by the ancestors are not apt. In simple words, people under different circumstances try to adopt different techniques. Similarly, our ancestors followed different rules under different circumstances which need to be modified with time.

Sex is considered as the purest action between two individuals which improves the bond, love, and affection. Though in some regions, people follow their old rituals and beliefs about virginity. Whether a male or a female, every individual has a right to do anything and everything that falls under the rulebook and laws of the government.

While sexual intercourse is considered as one of the most pleasurable activity, there are women who take guilt trips for having sex before marriage. Keeping the societal norms aside, there is no law on the restriction of premarital sex. Though each country has a set age limit under which premarital sex is considered a crime.

The guilt of premarital sex in a woman

Sex is all about love, connection, and affection towards your partner, but for some individuals, it turns into guilt. There can be many reasons behind the guilt of premarital sex for a woman. The reason why we are focusing on women is that the societal norms and the concept of virginity in most regions are applied to women.

These norms are one of the major reasons why women face guilt in the most pleasurable activity.

Below we have shared some of the major reasons why women face the guilt of premarital sex:

1. Religion

Ancient religious texts or books forbid premarital sex. Practicing anything which is against the religion you are thinking about can be the reason for guilt. There are many religion which does not accept premarital sex and consider it as a sin. While some religions consider the virginity of women as a necessity till marriage, losing virginity before marriage affects the beliefs of an individual.

The learnings which have been taught since childhood can be the reason for guilt when it is violated. Other than just the religious beliefs the woman has to face a hurdle of acceptance.

2. Acceptance

Acceptance of every action is very important. Irrespective of the region where you are staying you need approval from the society or the people to live and stay happy in that particular region. The acceptance not only makes it easy for an individual to live but also makes the area a better place to live.

Considering the religious beliefs, people follow ancient books and text which doesn’t allow premarital sex. Though for a woman who lost her virginity before marriage it is very tough to survive without the acceptance of society, parents, or any other individual they are staying with.

Acceptance of an individual not just solely relies on virginity, but it has many other factors too. One of the major factors is the partner.

3. Partner

Sexual intercourse is one of the most pleasurous activity for both partners. Now the guilt of premarital sex also depends on the partner a lot. If you are a woman, then there are many factors that can lead to guilt during intercourse. While if the partner that you have chosen is perfect for you, then you will never address the guilt.

Some of the factors about the partner that leads to the guilt of premarital sex are:

  • Compatible partner: Most women face guilt due to the compatibility issue with their partners. According to the survey it was found that more than 70% of couples break up within one year of their relationship. These stats show how compatibility affects the mindset of an individual that can lead to guilt if they have had sex during the relationship.

  • Acceptance of the partner: Most women face issues with the acceptance of their partner. This acceptance issue leads to guilt for a woman. There are many reasons why the partner is not accepted by the society or family of a woman. In many countries, partners of same-sex, different religions, or from different regions are not accepted.

    Every community, class, religion has its own beliefs and rules which should be abided by to get acceptance. However, with time things are changing and the rules are too. Many countries have legalized same-sex marriage and relationships. While on the other hand, many religions have acceptance relationships with other religious individuals.

4. Consent

Sex is pleasurable when both partners have consent for the same. There are times when an individual tries foreplay but eventually indulges in intercourse, while in other cases the partner pressurizes for having intercourse and brainwashes the individual. In both circumstances, consent has been the major problem. Even after the intercourse, the individual will be guilty of not doing it.

There are many premarital cases where consent has been an issue. The consent of both individuals can be the best sexual practice to follow.

5. Safe Sex Practice

Safe sexual practice is very important as there are many cases of pregnancy below age. For younger adults, it can be very challenging if they wish to go ahead and have a baby. Instead of inviting these complications and inviting the guilt of premarital sex. It is better to have safer sex practices and use contraceptives.

The reason why we are addressing this point in the context of the guilt of women in premarital sex is that after getting pregnant woman has to face many obstacles. Not only the obstacles, but they would have to undergo several changes that can affect their body and mental health.

Some of the obstacles that women have to face are listed above. However, the context will change with the circumstances but the obstacle will be the same. Society, religion, and acceptance are the major obstacle that needs to be addressed in premarital sex and pregnancy


The guilt of sex before marriage depends on an individual’s perception. Though most of the cases of guilt come from the female side which is why we have created this blog. There are even cases of males, but as compared to the restriction and norms women have to face a lot more issues than men.

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