Swadeshi Farms – Back To Roots – Interview With Mr. Preet Jain

There is a whole other world to Jaipur than entrancing & mesmerizing architecture, manors/royal residences, vibrant heritage & culture, and vivid craftsmanship scenarios. Being home to more than 1000+ startups, the state government is investigating every possibility to clear route for a hearty startup framework to sustain development and encourage the soul of business enterprises in the city.

Swadeshi Farms is one such of an astonishing startup based out of Jaipur, founded by Mr. Preet Jain, the startup has its root back in the old traditional family business of producing Ayurveda medicinal herbs run by Preet’s grandfather.

Taking the lead this young enthusiast is all set to redesign the venture with the need of the hour. Swadeshi Farm aims to make organic products accessible to consumers at affordable prices at their doorstep.

Website – https://www.swadeshifarmsjaipur.com/
Instagram – @swadeshi_farms

The idea behind this startup is to enhance its consumers well being and the quality of their day-to-day life by providing them with organic and pure consumables. It believes in creating new opportunities for women farmers by motivating them to adopt organic farming practices. Our brand deals in health food and organic products that help people lead a cleaner and healthier lifestyle which is GMO and chemical-free.


The brands aim to provide a pure, fresh, and nutrient-rich healthy lifestyle to their consumers. The products of Swadeshi Farms are sourced directly from organic farmers, who use sustainable agricultural practices. These organic products won’t only add flavor to your food, but also they will boast tremendous medicinal properties that prevent and treat innumerable diseases.

Today, we are going to interview Preet Jain (Founder – Swadeshi Farms), An Young MBA student who is just 22 years old, but his entrepreneurial genes are making sure to bring his creativity out in the COVID-19 scenario.

The Interview – Preet Jain

Swadeshi Farms – The Vision and Mission

Preet – Our vision is to foster a developing culture of sustainable consumption and lifestyle through organic production. Switching to an organic lifestyle means adopting a natural way of life, that not only is beneficial for your family’s health in the long run but also helps you take a step towards a greener planet. We aim to sensitize consumers about the benefits of organic food by giving them healthy choices of eating.

It’s time to make the switch!

  • To deliver pure genuine organic foods and products to our consumers.
  • To sustain natural, sustainable, organic, agriculture practices that serve and protect Mother Nature.
  • Organic food is associated with greater innovation and variety and provides amazing choices at the buffet table.

How Do You Plan To Make A Space in The Highly Fragile And Competitive Market?

Preet – Today, it is much more convenient to launch a startup, but it’s also much harder to survive and keep a competitive advantage in the eCommerce segment. In my view what makes us stand apart is the idea behind this startup which is to enhance its consumers’ well being and quality of their day-to-day life.

We believe in creating new opportunities for women farmers by motivating them to adopt organic farming practices which in turn boost their economic status. And amid the times of pandemic outbreak, I think everyone is concerned about hygiene measures to stay safe, fit, and healthy. And exactly that is where we put forth a wide range of organic herbal juices, ayurvedic beauty, and lifestyle products which not only add quality to your lifestyle but they also enhance tremendous medicinal properties that prevent and treat innumerable diseases.

All of them on an affordable price range delivered directly to your doorstep with zero contact delivery.

What Are The Marketing Strategies Which Have Worked For You So Far?

Preet – We have kept our USPs very simple

I.E. Better Taste, Better Life.

It’s our endeavor to provide 100% pure organic products free of pesticides, additives, or artificial ingredients at the utmost affordable price at your doorstep.

It takes a lot more than a great idea to succeed in the startup world. That is why seamless teamwork and coordination are as essential as tangible resources in building a successful startup.

The only way to thrive in this ecosystem is to have a rock-solid founding team which in this case accounts for young college enthusiasts and energetic volunteers, interns who form the DNA of our startup.

As part of a small team, every detail and every person counts towards continuous progress. A successful startup team must be a supportive and collaborative unit that brings variety to the table and that has made us complete successfully one month with 100+ customer base.

Effect of COVID -19 on Your Business

Preet – I think the huge amount of spare time during the lockdown helped us conceptualize the whole concept of the startup. And since the lockdown has been lifted we are in progress of setting the desired customer base.


The urgent urge to consume healthy products that boost your immune system is where we are majorly focusing on with our wide range of ayurvedic products. The best selling product of our organic range is flavored sharbat helping people to beat the heat during summers.

How Food, Health, and Fitness Influencers Can Be A Great Help in Your Initiative?

Preet – As of now what we have achieved in a month is 100+ customer bases in the city itself. And with building a base, we intend to diversify our product range and opt for both inter and intrastate delivery of our product. And looking at the startup world where competition is fierce and the dedication of time and resources required is huge. Nothing works better than influencer marketing to create brand awareness.

We are actually looking for the right kind of collaboration that has the perfect target audience and drives engagement from the public. Authenticity and audience are crucial when it comes to choosing an influencer. They can certainly create awareness, promote our products on a variety of platforms, and help us reach a new edge in a short time span.

Thank You so much Preet for having a discussion with Marketing Rise, we are extremely glad to have you on board for the interview, we wish all the very best for the endeavors you have in mind.

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