Lokesh Joshi And His Journey of Becoming A Fashion Influencer

Fashion and lifestyle blogging has become a very famous and reputable profession in today’s time. It has seen the rise of numerous influencers on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and other blogging platforms.

Fashion influencers have been marketing and advertising different fashion labels since the begging of the influencer era and building a great reputation over the digital marketing and media spectrum.

One of the key names in the rundown of those influencers is Lokesh Joshi, Instagram’s very own “@thedapperballer”, also known as the Pahadi Chhora (Man From The Hills).

Lokesh Joshi - Journey of Becoming A Fashion Influencer | thedapperballer


Lokesh Joshi “One of the best fashion bloggers of Delhi” actually hails from Nainital Uttarakhand, and his Insta worthy inspiration comes from the beautiful lakes of his hometown, this the reason he is also commonly known as a Pahadi Chhora among his friends and followers.

Digital Identities

Influencer Journey

A passionate 3D animator by profession, fashion blogger by choice and entrepreneur by heart ❣, Lokesh is a man of many talents, he proudly flaunts his talents with a flagship statement over his popular digital channels.

❣️ My Style is My Confidence ❣️

He started his fashion blogging journey in 2018 with an idea to showcase a perfect combination of urban clothing with Indian fashion trends. Since then there is no looking back for him, he has successfully established a family of almost 14K followers on Instagram and getting a great response over his other digital channels.

Lokesh Joshi - Journey of Becoming A Fashion Influencer | thedapperballer

So far Lokesh has worked with 50+ international and national brands. His specialty is fundamentally into men’s fashion, accessories, and wellness. He leans towards working with brands with a significant level of authenticity, regardless of whether small or very well known brand it doesn’t make a difference yet the quality of the product and its genuineness is extremely critical for him.

Most Notable Brand Collaborations

  1. Max’s Fashion
  2. Mivi.in
  3. The Man Company
  4. Daniel Wellington

We Recently Had A Digital Interview With Our Very Own Fashion Influencer @thedapperballer


Let’s Read About His Journey in His Own Words


Q. – How Did You End Up Being A Fashion Influencer?

Lokesh – I have consistently been slanted towards fashion, when Instagram was new, I desired to create an account on the platform like everyone else, I used to post a lot of things like tips for men’s fashion accessories, urban fashion paired with Indian traditional clothes, travel pictures, fashion facts and so on. In those days, I didn’t know that something like influencer marketing and advertising existed and I could really gain money out it. I began uploading proficient & professional photographs of my looks and started tagging big designers. Gradually & slowly, designers and fashion brands got in touch with me, at first on a bargain and barter basis and cross-marketing then on a fixed payment basis.

Q. – Will The Fashion Influencer And Blogging Business Be The Same Post Coronavirus?

Lokesh – It is a troubling time for us as well as everybody in the fashion influencing business. During times of vulnerability, when there are not many brands approaching for marketing and advertising on social channels, it is significant that we enjoy a reprieve from the standard substance that we have been creating and talk about the wellbeing and security of the whole nation. It’s time that we demonstrate capably. In a condition of emergency, we have to discuss our psychological wellness and how we can manage the entire circumstance. And Yes, if we talk about the post coronavirus scenario then I am 100% confident that the future will be brighter then ever.

Q. – Let’s Record A Message To Your Fans And Followers

Lokesh – I will start this by telling a famous quote by Eleanor Roosevelt

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for a newer and richer experience.”

Thank you so much for supporting me in this beautiful journey, I am truly grateful for all the love and support I have received during these years, and I will make sure to deliver the best in industry content for my digital family.

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