Interview with Emerging Fashion Entrepreneur – Kajal Jhirwal

Jaipur – “the very first planned city of India and the gateway to India’s very own flamboyant state” is famous for its rich culture, forts, ancient history, and heritage. Also, the fashion of Jaipur is hot and as royal & imperial as the Pink City itself.

Interview with Emerging Fashion Entrepreneur - Kajal Jhirwal

So, numerous people dream to start a clothing label, all things considered, how troublesome could it be?

The truth about starting a bespoke Indian luxury wear label

So, the truth is clothing labels majorly become effective & successful on the grounds because they’re founded by people who are actually enthusiastic about fashion and the impact clothing can make. However, a fashion label requires something more than an exquisite clothing design to make an enduring business. It needs all the features of a fruitful business as well. Fashion labels need to dominate marketing, advertising, assembling, networking, and retailing, in addition to other things.

Interview with Emerging Fashion Entrepreneur - Kajal Jhirwal

Let’s discuss the journey of Kajal Jhirwal, a determined fashion designer and a fascinating entrepreneur who is making a great name for herself in the bespoke Indian luxury wear market.

The Interview – Fashion Entrepreneur Kajal Jhirwal

Marketing Rise welcomes you to yet another edition of the interview with an entrepreneur, today we are chit-chatting with Kajal, the astonishing girl behind the creative label Kajal Jhirwal.

In this segment, the founder herself will give us insights about what motivated her to pursue fashion designing as a career, what it’s like to work in the fashion industry, as well as advice for success in fashion media and how to start very own fashion label with a taste of a unique & creative sense.

Name – Kajal Jhirwal – ☾ Just a Moonchild Chasing Stars ★
Instagram handle – @label_Kajaljhirwal
Email – jhirwalk341@gmail.Com

💓 Detailed with Love 💓

An engineer by education and a fashionista by heart, Kajal Jhirwal is an astonishing fashion designer who always makes sure to leave the essence of her unique creativity in all of the designs her label offers.

Interview with Emerging Fashion Entrepreneur - Kajal Jhirwal

With a keen interest in fashion designing since her childhood, Kajal has always been waiting for chances to design her outfits and thus inspiring every other girl. Even after completing her education in the technical domain, this engineer turned fashion designer has elegance, beauty, and an irresistible charm in her work.

Just stop looking around at what your competitors are doing. Keep working hard & do not stop dreaming!!!

Kajal harbours an intense love for fashion & has an eye for details, finding inspiration from the simplest of elements. The label & each collection by Kajal is a reflection of her personal style and thus her passion, artistry & vision led to the launch of this stunning, beautiful & auspicious contemporary Indian label, aiming to design & build a versatile wardrobe for girls who are constantly experimenting & revamping their fashion boundaries.

She started the label in June 2020, yes amidst the pandemic. And due to uncertain situations of covid-19 lockdowns and market scenario, most of the people suggested her not to take the risk.

Interview with Emerging Fashion Entrepreneur - Kajal Jhirwal

When we asked about why she made a bold decision in critical situations, here is what she had in her inspirational bucket.

I think that taking no risk is the biggest risk in life. So I did what I felt right, keeping in mind the market situation. As far as profit is concerned, the one thing which I always kept in mind was not to invest too much & avoid production in bulk. I guess this one right decision made my business profitable.

And we couldn’t agree more 😉

Kajal continuously wants to produce mindfully made bespoke Indian luxury wear with the most important aspect being the design with an intent to create affordable & sustainable fashion for all.

Interview with Emerging Fashion Entrepreneur - Kajal Jhirwal

She has successfully amalgamated Indian luxury wear with a western & modern twist. She is passionate, artistic, and a true visionary, and choosing her love for designing over everything absolutely proves it. As a young fashion designer, with hopes to dominate the industry, she always focuses on what exactly she is offering to her customers.

We wish all the success to Kajal and hope to have more and more successful collaborations with her in the future. Make sure to follow her @Kajal.Jhirwal

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