How to Run Ads on Paytm – A Detailed Guide

With the world becoming highly dependent on online platforms, digital advertising has become a crucial and very beneficial step for businesses. 

For many, Paytm has been a trustworthy and reliable partner for transactions since 2010. Not long before, In 2019 Paytm took a revolutionizing step and launched Paytm Ads to let publishers publish their advertisements on the Paytm app in various forms.

Now the advertising has become one of the most demanding features of the app and almost all the major international and national brands are choosing it for branding, adverting, and marketing themselves digitally.

Ads on Paytm – An Introduction

Paytm advertisements tempt quality audiences to provide good engagement and repeat visits. The ads tend to laser target the TG. They assist you in reaching out to your audience digitally. Whether you desire an in-app promotion or exposure to your marketing, the Paytm ad campaign is a brilliant opportunity for you. It allows one to reach out to the target group and uniquely showcase their brand, product, and services.

Geographic, Demographic and Transactional, together, these three parameters help Paytm create the perfect segmentation mix for your ad campaign. The audience universe is formed according to the motives of the brand. Precisely targeted ad campaigns that make sure to target audiences who might be interested in the following products or services and bring traffic to the landing destination.

Paytm studies the target audiences by the transactions that are made through its platform and the in-app behavior algorithms, and this kind of targeting makes sure to expose your brand, product, services, or application to the perfect and most precisely targeted audience.

Advertising Option Over Paytm Ads

Paytm offers its users to select from a wide range of advertising options. All these options can be divided into video ad campaigns and image ads. It is vital to choose the right campaign for your brand’s better visibility and high engagement. The advertising options are:

  • Highlighting app installation icon 
  • Paytm Mall Assets
  • Homepage banners
  • Post-transaction screen
  • Scratch cards
  • Push notifications and emailers
  • Product Listing Advertisements
  • Assets display on Paytm for business apps. 
  • Assets display on Paytm Money.

The Paytm app and the ad campaigns give you a better insight into your audiences:

  • The behavioral pattern of the customers
  • Their transactions help in mapping the customer’s lifestyles.
  • Their purchases give an idea about their interests and choices.

Simple steps to run your Paytm Ads campaign

The process of running your advertisement through Paytm ads is effortless.

Follow these steps to run your campaign and gain the right audience.

  • Go to the Paytm App and open your dashboard.
  • Select the media option, the type of advertisement you want for your brand, and add it to the bag. Name your advertising campaign and the objectives.
  • Do the necessary customization, set the required target audience. The probable cost of ads is all present there from which you can take an idea. You can select the daily limit and the maximum budget of your campaign.
  • On proceeding further, you can exclude the products that you do not want to advertise. There are two options; Manual and Automatic. By choosing manual options, you have to select the products by yourself. And when you click on the automatic option, Paytm handles it all for you. After choosing the option, save it and continue further.
  • The next vital step is to select between CPC and ROI options. CPC stands for Costs Per Clicks, which means that the money will be deducted on every click on your ad. You can set CPC categorically also. When the charges are applicable to your total sale, it is known as ROI.
  • The last step is to initiate the payment. After the payment has been made, it takes some time to review the ad campaign, around 8 to 10 hours.

How to know your Paytm ad is live?

When the ad campaign has been reviewed, you will receive a notification. On your Paytm app, you can track the performance of your campaign. On completion of the ad, you receive a full and detailed report about your ad.

These Paytm ads campaigns allow a comprehensive analysis and tracking. The highlights are:

  • Branding and generating awareness that one can easily measure with ad insights.
  • Examining the campaign by tracking clicks, impressions and engagements.
  • The Paytm partnership with prominent firms for studying brand elevation.
  • Complete analysis of video ads. It Provides completion rate with a quartile report.

Paytm Advertising Rates

The media page provides an insight into the rates of such advertising options. One can receive detailed pricing to know which better suits them as per their budget. The advanced pricing filters further allow you to check the calculated and probable targeting for each option. For digital ads, the rate is categorized as CPM, CPC, or ROI. For Paytm ads, the CPM rates fluctuate according to the page position and size of the ad. Paytm ads have one of the least CPM rates.

The success stories of Paytm advertising

Tata Premium Tea- Dil se Rich Dilli

This video ad campaign aimed to engage the target audience and generate awareness of the Tata Premium Tea. The ad depicted the warmth and richness of the Delhi people’s hearts. The Paytm ad campaign received:

  • 6 million-plus impressions
  • 91% viewability
  • 875 VTR

Visa-Safe Click Campaign

The campaign featured the new, fast and contactless payment extension- Safe Click. The safe-click allows the users to make transactions without any OTP. The objective of the Paytm ad campaign was to introduce the target audience to the new feature. The campaign received:

  • 42 million impressions
  • 25% growth in the new enrollments
  • 55% of VSC users allocated to the campaign

Wynk Music- Boosting subscribers

The campaign launched with the Paytm partnership was aimed to bring more subscribers and traffic to the app. The campaign was so successful that Wynk Music further expanded its partnership with Paytm. It received:

  • Above 3.50% CTR
  • Around 40% increase in subscribers

Some other top brands that chose Paytm ads for their upliftment are:

  • Infinix
  • Kohler
  • Pepsico
  • Nokia
  • Aha
  • Basic First

Paytm Ads have partnered with more than 300 brands. And almost all of them are leading companies. A few of them are:

  • Google
  • Tanishq
  • Honda
  • Coca-cola
  • Airtel
  • Zomato
  • Disney+ Hotstar

Disclaimer – All the images which are used here are from Paytm Ads Website directly, we have used them to simplify the process, we don’t have any rights or own any of the images used in the blog.

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