Exclusive Interview with Digital Influencer – Sonal Menghwani

Jaipur – “the very first planned city of India and the gateway to India’s very own flamboyant state” is famous for its rich culture, forts, ancient history, and heritage. Also, the food of the pink city is hot and as imperial as Jaipur itself.

There is so much diversity that you can’t stop craving. Regardless of whether you love zesty food or are a sweet person, pink city has an assortment of tempting dishes in its arsenal for you and the creative foodie artist of social media are continuously bringing the dark horses of street foods in the limelight with the help of their creative and viral social handles.

Welcome to another edition of the interview with a digital sensation, today we are chit-chatting with Sonal, the gorgeous girl behind the visually delicious blog @sonal_menghwani

Sonal Menghwani is an influencer, social activist, spiritual writer who turned her layoff into her legacy. Her unapologetic approach to life and business has earned her a highly engaged following on social media, and the opportunity to work with brands like Amazon, Flipkart, Rajasthan Royals, Pink Panthers, McDonald’s, Lays, and many more.

Instagram ID – @sonal_menghwani
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iSonalmenghwani
Amazon Shop: @sonal_menghwani
Venture IDs – @joyofgiving25 @its_childofgod
Amazon Verified Rank #2763
Instagram Followers – 16K followers

The Interview – Sonal Menghwani

Start of the Journey

Sonal – I and Kunal Makhija (My best friend, business partner) started creating content for businesses and products to promote their social media listing. We started collaborating with well-known brands and reviewed their products. After a few months, we got Amazon verified (Blue Tick) with a #2763 ranking. The idea of becoming an influencer was born here.

The last 3 years have been a rollercoaster, to say the least; But deep down, only I knew how powerful I am with God. Kunal was the Backbone of this, he inspired me in every small step. I was too scared and confused to change my account privacy to public. He trusted me. I’ve always been fond of clicking pictures. So, it was the right time to put down all the skills, network, passion, and give it a name.

I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would make a career with Instagram. Don’t know, it will start a new chapter in my life. Those who refused to take me seriously now ask for my advice! But what I am most proud of is the transformation of a woman who can live the life of her dreams; All without changing one thing about yourself!

How Fashion Blogging Has Changed Your Life Over The Years?

Sonal – Blogging has changed my life in more ways than I ever thought it would so I thought I’d share some of the ways it has done so with you all today. Blogging has allowed me to express and share my passion for getting clicked which is something I’ve never been able to do before. It allowed me to develop my skills.


All the opportunities I came across, I am honestly so grateful for and they would have never have been possible without this account and my partner Kunal Makhija. A journey has boosted my confidence completely.

The Turning Point Which Changed Your Life And Perspective Towards It.

Sonal – A few days back my face got burned while doing home chores and it destroyed me somewhere. I began isolating myself in my own house. I finally realized, it was starting of the battle of depression. It was the beginning of my fears. Fear of losing a career, in an influencer’s life pictures plays a very important role. Also, few people tried to gift me the fear of rejection like ab iski shadi kaise hogi and many more.

This was the turning point my life, it taught me –

✨ makeup or scars, women out there beautiful as stars

Always remember beauty lies in the eyes of the people who adore you and love you for who you are.⠀

How Do You Think COVID -19 Has Affected The Food Industry?

Sonal – The novel coronavirus has changed the world fundamentally. It has caused extraordinary damage to humankind, medically, and financially. People are scared to go and eat outside. There is a huge loss, restaurants are shutting down, millennials who just started their startups are demotivated.

But there is always another side of the coin which is much more fascinating, people getting a good response on delivery food as they have an option for contactless delivery. Also, the restaurant’s owners got the opportunity and take the contract of marriage as they can serve and manage people easily, so this is a positive impact for restaurant owners.

What Impact Coronavirus Has Created on Food Blogging and Influencer Marketing Business?

Sonal – One bad Twitter post; one bad customer review especially on hygiene will be enough to shutter an establishment over the next few months when customer sensitivities are ruling high. So, while beautiful and appetizing food will continue to bolster reputations of chefs and restaurants, any negative posts by influencers will kill careers in no time too.

As per the new normal food bloggers will first be writing about hygiene and safety, then service, before they start to even talk about taste or presentation. So new rules and benchmarks are likely to kick-in, and perhaps stay on in the days ahead. Before collaborating we as food blogger we need to think through every perspective and for restaurants, they are constraint to their budgets due to pandemic.

Notable Collaborations

Sonal – Amazon, Dominoes, Mcdonalds, Lays, mama earth, The face shop, Havmour Ice-cream, Matrix, Trysugar, Clovia, Havells and many more

Tips To Grow as an Influencer

  • Be yourself
  • Be Bold
  • Be Authentic
  • Time Management
  • Be Consistent


It’s good to hear criticism. Be open to it but don’t allow it to define you. It’s all about self-expression. I believe everyone is ‘Powerful Soul’ and if you involve GOD in your plans, you won’t fail. 🙂

A Message To Your Fans And Followers

Sonal – Stay Consistent, honest, and never give up on your Passion. You’re much more than you think; You’re powerful Soul.

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