Dark Web Marketing – Let’s Poke The Double-Edged Sword

Beneath the surface of the publically accessible worldwide web, there’s a strange world known as the Dark Web also known as a part of the Deep Web that can absolutely offer a great boost to the digital presence of any brand willing to experiment with the unexplored – dark web marketing in their digital transformation journey.

What is the Dark Web?

Dark Web – an explored yet unexplored world of the publically/privately accessible worldwide web, we can characterize the deep or dark web as a shrouded or nefarious corner of the web offering the best and extreme level of security to internet surfers from the eyes of the government institutions and internet service providers (ISPs).

Dark Web Marketing - Let's Poke The Double-Edged Sword

This segment of the web hides underneath the visible and encoded sites that are listed by significant search giants like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Amazon, and Duck Duck Go. To get to these dark web destinations, you would need to download explicit onion routers like Tor browser.

But is the dark web as nefarious or dangerous as these metaphors suggest? Or does it just have an online reputation management problem?

Is it even legal to browse???

The legality of accessing the Dark Web from India

Accessing and browsing the dark web is somewhere legal, but yah the spectrum is widely associated with extremely illegal activities like illegal drug trades, Mafia Dealings, contract killings platforms, or endless other activities including blackmail, human trafficking, and terrorist organizations.

Dark Web Marketing – Let’s Poke The Penguins of Madagascar🐧☃️

Like What???? Is it possible to do advertising and marketing on Dark Web? 😱😱😱

हां पार्थ, ये संभव है एवं लाभदायक भी 🤫🤫

Obviously, because of the above-referred statements, the dark side of the internet is accountable for a whole lot of crook activities. However, there are quite a few genuine organizations & marketplaces who surf the darknet with utmost honesty, and advertisers/marketers might love to get admission to that area of interest. Currently, many mainstream websites and social media giants are adopting the dark web too.

Dark Web Marketing - Let's Poke The Double-Edged Sword

“According to the Dark Web News this segment of the web carries enormous potential for anyone who wants to communicate anonymously.” – (Source – HIcentrik)

Facebook unveiled its own “.onion” address in 2014 and news platforms like ProPublica and The New York Times have opted for the same pattern as well. It’s not just organizations like Connect, Galaxy3, Atlayo, Raddle, and buyers moving in as well.

Political parties and leading politicians are also harnessing the dark web for forums, discussions & active community buildup, and there are a lot of active communities, leading journalists, panels, or groups related to each and every segment of public interest.

Dark Web Advertising- Let's Poke The Double-Edged Sword

This rising trend has formed a really mesmerizing opportunity for marketers to showcase the product and services in an explored yet unexplored world of the hidden worldwide web.

Why Design a Dark Web Marketing Plan – आखिर क्यों?

Digital marketers and advertisers can harness awesome organic outcomes by researching marketing on the dark web in detail.

The dark web at its center delivers an extreme level of anonymity, safety, and in some strange ways security as well, as compared to the conventional world wide web. While this may feel absolutely mesmerizing to the people who deal in the illegal activities, but it also draws in an increasing amount of audience that is too much worried about just how much data and privacy they have given up only in order to read an article or post a selfie.

Let’s discuss the main reason to get the dark web on your marketing plate.

As advertisers, we must go where the target bunch is and we must get to know why the people go where they do. This is undoubtedly the most important and maybe the most crucial reason to be serious about dark web advertising, it is going to be really crucial and important in the near future.

Dark Web Advertising- Let's Poke The Double-Edged Sword

Okay, That’s Cool, Marketers have quite a great opportunity over there and enough brains to plan a campaign for the same, but the main question is, how does the dark web look like, or is it marketing-friendly?

As an advertiser, though, you might be less careful of being followed by annoying ads than most of the not so techy people. So let’s get back to whether or not you should be running behind the dark web for marketing and advertising.

almost all the people who are chatting on the dark web has one unique motive to have a truly private and secure conversation. While many are trying to avoid legal and spying authorities, some are looking to avoid advertisers as well.

That means there are superior risks to approaching audiences via the dark web. It would be more than a faux pas to ask for someone’s contact details on the platform.

Even if your whole and sole intents are only to send them profitable cards or a knowledgeable newsletter and after a negative brand experience it will be viewed as a hostile approach. If you aim that sort of outreach at the wrong person they will surely respond by retaliating.


How to spot the differences between dark web websites and normal websites
  1. Dark web websites have a domain extension ending with .onion and the normal websites offer a variety of domain extensions like .com, .co.in, .org, etc.
  2. The Tor browser is one of the rare and publically available options to access dark web websites with ease while you can browse the normal websites with any kind of browser and on any kind of network offered by ISPs.
  3. Websites on the dark web frequently and sometimes rapidly change their URLs to maximize privacy and security.
  4. The URL characters preceding .onion look like gibberish compared to what we surf on the normal websites.

Why audiences are making their path all the way to the dark web
  • Aiding democracy
  • The dark web platform is frequently harnessed by publications and journalists to hide their IP addresses, locations, and secure privacy when digging into a sensitive investigation or potential breaking news.
  • Accessing content via the dark web shields your activity from the tech giants
  • No ads based on your search history, location, race, and age.
How to safely access the unexplored domains on the dark web
  1. Use A Virtual Private Networks Like – NordVPN, ThunderVPN, etc
  2. Strictly Use Only Tor Browser for Initial Purpose
  3. Search for the best and authentic .onion websites
  4. And Yah, Don’t forget to get the trusted anti-malware protection onboard

Safety tips while searching for marketing opportunities on the dark web
  • Navigate to the correct URL
  • Be careful what you share
  • Don’t download or upload any files
  • Don’t make any purchases
  • Keep your programs up to date

There are enormous great & legitimate reasons to step into the dark web, but you should always do so with caution.

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