#BabaKaDhaba – The Harsh Reality Behind Kanta Prasad’s Viral Video

The pandemic has affected everyone’s lives but for some, it is much more severe than others. There are many who have borne the brunt of this crisis badly and among them are the several street vendors like Baba ka Dhaba.

A video showcasing such a plight of an elderly couple in Delhi went viral, following which, something wonderful happened. People, from all across the state – and even beyond, started coming forward to help the couple by visiting their eatery named Baba Ka Dhaba or donating money.

People are also urging others to do the same by sharing posts using the hashtag #BabaKaDhaba.

Baba Ka Dhaba – Somewhere in Delhi’s South (Malviya Nagar), an elderly couple sells meals from a tiny shop (Home Cooked), making just enough to buy for the other day’s food or not even that. They have done this for almost 30 years.

Last, to last night, the saga of their hard work, struggle, and the fallout in the coronavirus crisis went viral on social media platforms, moving thousands of influencers, ministers, celebrities, cricketers, and even corporates.

#BabaKaDhaba - The Harsh Reality Behind Kanta Prasad's Viral Video
#BabaKaDhaba – The Harsh Reality Behind Kanta Prasad’s Viral Video – (Picture Source – Arre)

Baba Ka Dhaba is all over social media platforms, let it be Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, or YouTube – you may have read all about it or the story behind this.

Thanks to the collective and enormous efforts of the online platforms, this stall is receiving a whole lot of love as people throng to it after a food blogger’s video about it went viral.

After that, Baba Ka Dhaba gained widespread recognition, so much so that now Zomato has added them to their list of restaurants for food delivery.

Located in Delhi’s Malviya Nagar, The Dhaba is owned by 80-year-old Kanta Prasad and his wife, Badaami Devi.
(Source – HindustanTimes)

दिल्ली के मुख्यमंत्री अरविंद केजरीवाल ने भी ‘बाबा का ढाबा’ की कुछ तस्वीरें सोशल मीडिया पर पोस्ट करते हुए लिखा ‘दिल्ली दिल वालों की’. मालवीय नगर से आप विधायक सोमनाथ भारती भी बाबा के ढाबे पर नजर आए.

वह कहते हैं, “मैं बाबा के हाथ का खाना पहले से खाता रहा हूं और सालों से यहां आ रहा हूं. दिल्ली वाकई दिलवालों की है जो बिना जाति, धर्म, रंग इत्यादि देख दिल से मदद करने के लिए जानी जाती है. आज भी दिल्लीवालों की दरियादिली सबने देख ली.”
(Source – ABPLive)

Baba Ka Dhaba – फेमस हो गया – Sounds too Amazing – Right?

Trust us, it’s actually not, but why, let’s have a look at these questions which made us give a shot again to the whole scenario.


  1. Why the hell everyone is trying to capitalize on the virality and Social Engagement Baba ka Dhaba has received?
  2. Zomato you are our Unicorn Startup, inspiration to us, motivation to every entrepreneur, why the hell you have listed Baba Ka Dhaba on your platform, where are your #CSR campaigns, do you really think that they must work at the age of 80?? why can’t you establish a cafe there and give them a minor or major stake in that, whatever works.
  3. Also, where are the so-called government and privately funded Old Age Homes, aren’t they receiving fascinating fundings only to help and offer the best kind of environment to these kinds of people?
  4. Also, we all know that every famous and Viral Content on the internet has a limited time span if it isn’t managed that effectively, what if Baba Ka Dhaba lost the attention or something other become viral?
  5. Swiggy Please enlighten us about your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) campaigns as well, we are sure whatever great you are doing also involves driving a change in the society about these kinds of not known and abandoned establishment ( Baba ka Dhaba was abandoned before the video got viral)
  6. Why the hell so many people are gathering there, can’t we help the same digitally, the couple is 80 years old, and we can expose them to COVID-19 and maybe it will the most dangerous scenario they might face because of the popularity of Baba ka Dhaba has received.
  7. What the hell the neighbors and so-called social workers were doing before the video went viral, now everyone is so excited to click the pictures but the question is WHY NOW?

We are hoping to hear some satisfactory answers, lets see if people can drive the change regarding the same.

Do share if you think we have curated the right questions about the virality they have received.

BTW, The Old Man at Delhi’s Baba Ka Dhaba is Not Crying Anymore – And Yes, Maybe This is what matters the most ❤️💞

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