Advertising on Netflix- A Detailed Guide

If you are from the entertainment sector, then Netflix is something you cannot ignore. It is one of the major OTT platforms over the globe. “Netflix and Chill”, remember this phrase? It was not created overnight, the platform has grown hugely over the years, especially during the pandemic.

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Why Netflix?

The OTT platform started out as a DVD mail-order sales service, but the company made a wise decision of streaming videos at the right time. Walmart and Amazon entered the realm of DVDs, and Netflix entered into streaming. Now one decade later, Netflix has over 140 million subscribers over the globe.

The magic mantra of the OTT platform is, it approaches its audience as a fan that is binge-watching the show. The language is informal, unlike other OTT platforms like Amazon Prime. Now in this article, we will discuss how we can advertise.

How can you advertise on Netflix?

When it comes to advertising the first thought that goes into a marketer’s mind is the commercial breaks. But, here is where the challenge lies, Netflix does not allow traditional commercials on their screen. This is what makes them different from all the other OTT platforms in the market, especially their biggest competitor in the US market ie. Hulu.

Netflix is famous for binge-watching, thus the company is quite strict about maintaining it. This does not mean we cannot advertise on Netflix. The brands have found merchandising, and product placements quite handy when it comes to Netflix. Of course, the product does not grab the attention, as much it grabs through a commercial, but it definitely catches an eye.

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The business owners make a payment to the show to feature their products in the series itself. Trust us, this method can beautifully explain how your product can become a part of an individual’s life, and this marketing strategy hits hard. It is subtle but still good enough to make a difference in the sales.

Let us not forget Netflix still contributes to 40% of the total viewing time in the United States. Netflix can grab the whole attention of binge-watchers, thus it is time to change our marketing strategies. Let us discuss the whole guide to creating effective marketing through Netflix.

  1. Research:

No strategy is created without an effect on field research. First know your product from tip to toe, how it can be inculcated into an individual’s life. Create journey maps, go out for surveys. Once it is done and dusted research about which genre of shows or movies are mostly loved by the binge-watchers. Map all the genres down, start to plan an engaging survey, and make sure you get it filled by a huge number of people, as that would provide you with real results.

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Pro-tip: In order to get your surveys filled, get on the ground, visit events and campaigns to reach out to your audience. The campaigns and surveys usually are not noticed.

  1. Segmentation and Analysis:

Once the forms are filled, it is time for segmentation and analysis. Start by dividing the most watched genres, then move on decoding the persona of people loving a specific genre. The persona of the individual will involve age, ethnicity, daily routine, hobbies, etc. Try to map out a day in the individual’s life.

Once the segmentation is done move on to position your brand in the genre that seems most relevant to it. If you have an official brand page over social media, try to start a conversation about shows to get better insights, and make a better positioning for your product.

Pro- tip: While creating the personas make sure you add all possible interests of the individual. Do not focus just on the digital interests of your audience, dig a little deeper.

  1. Reach out to Netflix:

Once the above steps are achieved, you can directly reach out to Netflix, and ask them to feature your products with the most loved or famous characters of the show. If you deal in stationary, toys, or products related to adventure sports, then Netflix is your goldmine.

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Every time the show is being watched, you stand to make some money out of it. Your product will receive positive publicity and relevant attention.

Pro-tip: Make sure the quality of your product is top-notch, then only it would be able to get that good and relevant attention through the show.

  1. Fan-Fiction:

Well, who said you can only earn money by directly reaching out to Netflix. Fan-fiction is something that has grabbed a lot of attention over the years. Thus, you can create fan-fiction based on some of your favorite Netflix shows. You can choose various platforms to feature your story in, and highlight your product.

Meme marketing is another way you can go about this concept. Use some of the major Netflix shows, and create fun memes out of them providing some good attention to your product.

  1. Hiring Netflix Actors:

The characters from Netflix shows are widely loved by the audience. Thus you can hire characters from famous Netflix shows to become your brand ambassadors. People treat celebrities as their idols. If they see their beloved idols using your product in their daily life, they will definitely make a switch.

One thing you need to be careful about hiring a Netflix character is that you have to make sure he/she is relevant to your product. You need to understand their character inside out to map out their interaction with the audience.


Research, segmentation, and analysis are something you need to spend your most time on. No matter how long it takes, make sure it is objective in nature. If your research is good, the chances of marketing going wrong are pretty low. In fact, it will help you in gaining relevant attention. Though Netflix is one of the less experimented platforms, it definitely holds a huge potential if we consider marketing in the picture.

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